Frequently asked questions

  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • Competitive price.
  • High quality.
  • Speed of delivery which does not exceed a period of three working days for the longest distance.
  • Track shipments and track through the Authority's website.
  • Compulsory insurance against loss or damage.
  • Barcode ID for each registered message.
  • Internal Parcels:-(Ordinary parcels and transfer parcels)
  • External Parcels:-(Aerodynamic parcels and surface parcels)
  • Small Packets 'Samples:-They are small parcels of size where they do not exceed 2kg and can also be sent by road, air or surface According to customer's desire.

It is a mailing bag containing publications such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc., and dealt with the lowest cost of parcels with maximum weight of 30 kg.

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Do not contain documents that have messaging.
  • The maximum weight of internal prints is 2 kg, if the volume is one volume.
  • The maximum weight of external publications is 3 kg, if It is only one volume
  • The maximum weight of the internal visibility of blind publications is 2 kg, which increases to 5 kg if the publication is one volume.
  • The maximum weight of the external visibility of the visually impaired publications is 3 kg, increasing to 7 kg if the publication is one volume.
  • Internal publications of the blind are exempt from remuneration and externally exempt from remuneration if they are superficially transported.
  • Normal stamp clearance.
  • Clearance of government stamps (government agencies and departments only)
  • Clearance by clearance machine inside the office.
  • Clearance by the clearance machine leased with third parties.
  • Clearance of International and Arabic Response Vouchers (for convenience)
  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Prices of about half of the comparable service prices in the competing companies.
  • The possibility of transporting parcels, samples and documents to more than 220 countries all over the world.
  • speed in the transfer of cargo to the countries of the world.
  • Perform the service throughout the day until eight pm for 6 days a week
  • EgyMail takes the responsibility of customs clearance and shipping documents on behalf of the customer.
  • Tracking and tracing of the shipment via contact and the private website.
  • The possibility of sending shipments up to the weight of 50 km.
  • Customer will refund the shipment in case of non-arrival time.
  • Compensation for total and partial loss or partial damage to the shipment.
  • The possibility of requesting shipments from abroad to the customer.
  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Government guarantee of deposited amounts and returns.
  • It gives the highest return in Egypt.
  • It Ensures the confidentiality of savings book balances.
  • It gives exemption of all forms and forms used in opening the account and savings from all fees, including stamp duty.
  • The customer can get a statement of account according to his wish to provide it to any party in Arabic or English and French.
  • Individual or corporate customers have the right to open a savings account by Egyptian post after completing the required documents.
For individuals only

Debit Card (Visa / Master)

  • Egyptian Post customers can deal with the account 24/7 through the network of ATM machines of the Egyptian Post or 123 network for cash withdrawal, balance inquiry etc.
  • Visa / Master cards are accepted globally for customers to enjoy cash withdrawal and purchase services locally and internationally.

Enables Egyptian Post customers to pay their monthly salaries.

  • The fastest way to transfer money where the transfer and exchange in a few minutes.
  • Payment will be made from any post office according to the national ID card.
  • No customer account is required within the Egyptian Post.
  • The possibility of sending more than one transfer in the same day.
  • Benefit at competitive prices that are only offered through Egyptian Post
  • Availability of the national ID card of the correspondent and the addressee.
  • The amount of each transfer does not exceed fifty thousand pounds
  • In case of no cash transfer, the validity is extended 90 days before cancellation.
  • The best way to receive incoming transfers to customers who do not deal with banks.
  • Incoming money transfers are paid in local currency.
  • Beneficiaries can exchange their remittances from any convenient location
  • IFS is compatible with all UPU systems.

A new way to reduce the incoming and outgoing remittance fees and give Egypt Post customers the advantage of sending and receiving remittances in a fast and inexpensive way.

  • Silver account:The minimum amount to open the account is 10 EGP.
  • Gold Account:The minimum amount to open the account is 10,000 EGP and there is no maximum limit for opening the account.The return on the Gold account is 1% higher than the Silver Account.A commission of 50 piasters will be deducted for each day when the balance falls below the minimum limit (EGP 10,000) and is automatically deducted.
  • The minimum amount to open the account is 10 EGP and there is no maximum limit for opening the account.
  • Provides service to individual customers over 21 years old , companies and NGOs.
  • Deposit and withdrawal can be made from any post office.
  • The monthly salary can be obtained by transferring the salary to an account whether it is (current - golden - current without return) at the post office.
  • Check book can be issued at the request of the customer.
  • ATM card can be issued upon request.
  • The transfer between the client account and any other account can be made immediately.
  • In case of deposit and withdrawal in less than 48 hours, administrative expenses shall be calculated.
  • Transfer to customer accounts at banks.
  • The client's account is affected by the transactions that take place at the same time.
  • Adult Client: Copy of proof of identity (National ID card for Egyptians - Passport for foreigners) + Personal photo (optional)
  • Minor or Ineligible Customer: Natural state: photo of the father's identity + a copy of the birth certificate of the minor.Legitimate mandate: A copy of the father's grandfather's identity in the case of the father's death + copy of the father's death certificate and a copy of the birth certificate.
The Minor:-
  • Guardianship:A copy of the birth certificate of the minor and a copy of the identity of the guardian in addition to the guardianship decision issued by the probate court (Family Court).
  • A copy of the identity of the donor and the gifted - in the case of the minor (The gifted) , a copy of the birth certificate of the minor + proof of identity of the natural guardian.
  • General or postal power of attorney - Proof of identity of the agent - Copy of proof of identity of the client (if not in the file).
  • Proof of Customer ID + Copy of Commercial Registration or Tax Card.
  • A copy of the commercial register and the minutes of the composition of the board of directors (the authorized representatives of the company) or the declaration of contract.
  • In case of disbursement, the Commissioner shall complete a disbursement document signed according to the signature form or by postal check.
  • In case of deposit: The Commissioner fulfills a deposit order.

Individuals and Egyptians from the following two different sectors:

  • Existing / New Egypt post Customers.
  • Individuals supported by charities.
  • Minimum account opening age is 18 years.
  • The maximum account opening age is 59 years.
  • Only one account is allowed for one customer.
  • Minimum account opening and categories: 50 LE (can be exempted when opening a large account).
  • For the average citizen account, the interest of the Silver Current Account is calculated daily.
  • For Citizen Exclusive account, the Gold Current Account interest is calculated daily.
  • Egyptian Post customers can deal with the account 24/7 through the network of ATM machines of the Egypt Post or 123 network for cash withdrawal, balance inquiry etc.
  • Visa / Master debit cards are accepted globally so that customers can withdraw cash and purchase goods locally and internationally.
  • Salaries: All postal customers can pay their monthly salaries.
  • Check Book: Is issued to both individuals and companies on the request of the client depending on the regularity of the account.
  • Deposit and withdrawal all days of the week except Friday (9 am to 6 pm).
  • Receive immediate notification of collection 'in the name of the applicant, the amount deposited, and the date and time of the deposit.
  • The possibility of linking and integrating the system of instant notification with internal customer information systems, which develops the efficiency and speed of data collection for marketing and sales.
  • The service is provided through 2800 post offices spread all over the Republic.
  • Open Current / Savings Account.
  • Pension service.
  • Salary transfer service.
  • Service dealing on your account via the Internet for free.
  • IVR (Telephony Service) at the normal call rate.
  • Account Inquiry.
  • View the movement of accounts.
  • Transfer services within your accounts.
  • Request a statement of account.
  • The minimum age for the card is 16 years old with the need to provide a photo ID card or passport.
  • Immediate receipt of the card and PIN after registration data in the post office.
  • The card is not personal as you can’t have your name written on it and there is no replacement for lost or damaged so you must be cautious in dealing with them on the net.
  • The minimum balance of the card is 100 LE, the card must have at least 100 LE to deal with, and the maximum daily charge 5000 LE or the equivalent in dollars and a maximum of 20,000 LE per month at all post offices or through the transfer of the card.
  • The card is activated and shipped through post offices only via POS machines and with the need for the card and its holder during the process of charging.
  • The validity of the Egyptian e-Visa card is 5 years, and the card is valid for transactions through direct purchases or through e-commerce sites or cash withdrawals.
  • Note that the maximum purchase of 10,000 pounds per day, as well as transactions in dollars or the equivalent in euros and other currencies is allowed to buy worth 200 dollars a day and a maximum of 1000 dollars per month.
  • The maximum amount that can be withdrawn from the Visa Easy Pay card per day is 3000 LE, either through post offices all over the country, or through bank machines.
  • If you wish to settle the card account only through post offices.
  • The phone application can be added to allow sending and receiving cash and electronic transfers and payment of bills.
  • Note that all transactions using the mobile application, whether in accepting remittances on this application or recharge Easy Pay card account or send instant or electronic remittances or payments, is the responsibility of the user of the application and it is his absolute responsibility and is not entitled to refer to the Egypt post in the value of those operations .
  • If your Visa Easy Pay card is lost or stolen, you should immediately call our Customer Care Hotline on 16789 to request that the card be stopped and follow the rest of the steps to get the balance on the card.
  • The customer is committed to add the application on the new phone and take activation procedures in the case of not changing the phone number or visit the post office in the case of changing the number.
  • If the customer wants to change the phone while retaining the same phone number, the application is added to the new phone and activation procedures are taken.
  • In case the customer wishes to change the phone number, the customer will go to the post office to take the activation procedures of the application.

For charitable entities

  • Facilitates the distribution of receivables.
  • Improves communication channels with target people.
  • Improves the time taken to execute transactions.
  • Improves data management process.
  • The applicant does not have to have an account in the Egypt post
  • Speed of exchange.
  • Settlement of disbursement.
  • Easy access, where the beneficiary has more than 3800 desks to dispose of them.

For charitable entities:

  • Facilitates the distribution of receivables.
  • Improves communication channels with target people.
  • Improves the time taken to execute transactions.
  • Improves data management process.
  • The applicant does not have to have an account in the Egypt post.
  • Speed of exchange.
  • Settlement of disbursement.
  • Easy access, where the beneficiary has more than 3800 desks to dispose of them.
  • Remittances sent by individuals to government agencies as fees to obtain a specific service through post offices and without the hassle of moving to this entity.
  • Birth document.
  • Death certificate.
  • Family registration.
  • marriage document.
  • A divorce document.
  • National ID card in lieu of lost / damaged.
    • In the framework of the national and service role played by the National Post Authority to facilitate the process of obtaining basic services for the citizens and in the framework of fruitful cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Post Authority, consular legalization now can be submitted through the post offices. The service allows the citizens to submit documents that require ratification by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deal with them outside the Arab Republic of Egypt through post offices, after fulfilling all the conditions of ratification, namely the adoption of all the bodies concerned with those documents.

    For the projects supporting and financing fund, the Egypt post collects tuition fees to facilitate this process for parents and students.

    • Applications for renovation of real estate
    • Drilling requests
    • Applications for residential units.
    • Applications for licensing beaches.
    • Request a preview of the property to fall
    • Applying for a waiver for a residential unit
    • Applications for a license for a new elevator
    • Request for a copy of the original documents in the localities' licenses, drawings, engineering or removal decisions, request for extraction, payment, breach of the road.
    • Request for the issuance of certificates to the restoration or demolition work.
    • Request to enter facilities for old buildings.
    • Application for a license to establish a mobile network on the roofs of real estate.
    • Required legalization of the property.
    • Application for the license of 'commercial or industrial' shops.

    Visit international delivery services for a comparison table showing which international services can be tracked, or visit our tracking service for more detailed information on tracking.

    Domestic and outgoing international items

    Whether you can track your item, and how much tracking information is available, depends on which service was used to send it.
    View our tracking service for full details.
    Track your item online now if you’ve used one of our trackable services.

    Incoming international items

    Whether or not tracking information is available for items sent to Australia from overseas depends on the postal or courier service used in the country the item is being sent from (fees may apply).
    For more information on tracking an item you’re expecting from overseas, please contact the sender of the item and have them check with their delivery service.

    If you have not received your digital copy of your ID photos, you should:

    • check that the email address printed on the physical photos you received is correct
    • check your email 'junk' folder
    • make sure your email account is not full. You may need to delete some items to create more email storage as the size of the emailed digital photo is approximately 500Kb.

    In the event your emailed digital copy has not been received, simply bring your receipt and photos back to the Post Office within 14 days of purchase and we will take your photo again and email them to you at no cost.

    If you send a letter or parcel without a stamp or without enough postage, what happens to your item will depend on whether we can contact you or not.

    If you have included your return address

    In most cases, we’ll deliver the item and send you an ‘underpaid mail’ notice letting you know that we have invoiced you for the outstanding postage, plus a small service fee.

    If you haven’t included a return address

    If we can’t contact you, we’ll send the addressee a ‘more to pay’ notice asking that they pay the outstanding amount plus a small service fee when collecting the item from a local Post Office.

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